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We take a community approach to

career advice and guidance.

We created PREVIEW to help you
easily connect with top industry professionals working in your aspirational careers for advice, guidance, and insight. By connecting you directly to mentors online, you'll gain valuable knowledge and perspective as well as benefit from lessons your mentor has learned "the hard way". They'll impart the wisdom of their experience as well as point you in the direction of more valuable resources.

Try connecting with one of our mentors - it's easy & free.

Our Backyard
Founded here in beautiful British Columbia, PREVIEW Careers' mission is to empower young talented individuals to explore, prepare for, and discover work that they'll love to do. Our natural surroundings inspire us to find work-life harmony and stay true to our values throughout our career journey. 
Our Founders
We've been friends, colleagues, partners for years. Individually, we've always been passionate about coaching, mentorship, developing talent, creating nurturing places of work, and giving back. We've built PREVIEW to reflect these passions and values: the importance of building and serving a community, a commitment to the next generations, and the belief that everyone deserves to do fulfilling, impactful work they love.
Giving Back
We make a donation for each connection and engagement our mentors have with a student. Our focus is on supporting other local organizations that are dedicated to providing job training and employment support to underserved individuals in our community.

Why not join us make the world a better place to work?


Serving you from the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia

Drop us a line. Tell us about your dream career.
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