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If you have ever wondered how you're expected to be good at something you rarely get the opportunity to practice - that's where we come in. Landing a job means making a great impression at the interview. Our interviewers help you prepare, refine, and master your responses to even the toughest questions.

Mock Interview  $49  |

What's included:

• 30 minute interview simulation over video call between the hiring manager and interviewee followed immediately with 15 minutes of verbal feedback.

• Written evaluation of the mock interview and advice for how the interviewee can improve their responses.

With 10 - 20+ years of hiring experience - our hiring managers know what hiring managers are looking for.

Students | Human Resources 

New Grads | Not-for-Profit

New Managers | Technology

Rikka Bouseh

Students | New Grads | Startups Technology | Women

 Customer Success

Kristin Padilla

New Grads | Entrepreneurs Leadership | New Managers 

 Operations | Technology

Andrew Barnes

Students | New Grads Entrepreneurs | Engineering

New Managers | Technology 

Peter Dimitropoulos

Students | New Grads | Startups 

Women | Entrepreneurs

International | Technology

Jennifer Chan



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