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6 Best Time Management Tips

April 10, 2017

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or how wealthy you are, you have exactly 24 hours to spend in a day – unless you are like Dr. Strange and possess some sort of ability to manipulate time (fact: you don’t). 24 hours, that’s all you get before the next day arrives. 

But how come Johnny from next door always seems to have enough time to do everything that he wants to do? Maybe Jonny is truly a wizard? What separates Johnny from regular Joe who’s always rushing last minute to get things done?

The answer is Time Management. It’s no secret. Time management is an essential skill, and how you manage your time can have a BIG impact on your life. Here are some tips to help you get started:


1.    Plan. Take a minute to sit down and think about your goals, tasks, and activities. What do you need to do to achieve your long term goal? Short term goal?  


2.    Assign Value to Your Tasks. With 10 million tasks waiting to be completed, which ones are important? Which tasks are urgent? Remember: there is no right or wrong here. How much value to assign to a specific task is totally up to you.


3.    Understand Priorities. A general rule of thumb is that you always want to prioritize the tasks that are both urgent and important, then work your way down to tasks that are somewhat urgent and important, and finally tasks that are somewhat urgent and not so important.


4.    Schedule. Draft up a schedule of your day, your week, or your month if you could. Use notebooks, calendars, writing things down on the palm of your hand, whatever helps you to keep track of your schedule. This will serve as a guide for your days to come.


5.    Be Flexible. Things happen. That’s just how life is. Don’t be afraid to change up your schedule to incorporate the bumps in the road.


6.    Relax, Stay Calm. Relax, stay calm. Really, relax and stay calm.

Don’t be a Joe, be a Johnny. Start managing your time.



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