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Company Culture 101

April 12, 2017


Yes, company culture matters. A LOT.


Before we explore the “why”, let’s get started by understanding what company culture is and what it means.

Dictionary.com defines Company Culture (also known as Corporate Culture) as: the philosophy, values, behaviour, dress codes, etc., that together constitute the unique style and policies of a company. Company Culture defines the environment that you will be working in. Think of company culture as the personality associated with a company. You, the employee, will be working with that personality.


For example, a company might have a vibrant, modern, team-based culture. This company might have different team building activities every Friday, such as a 5-on-5 basketball competition. This company might also have a dinner gathering at a local pub every Wednesday. As an employee, maybe you are allowed to dress however you want, and are encouraged to hold conversations with other employees to develop a stronger bond.


Now back to the question: why do you need to care about company culture? An obvious answer to that would be: you will be spending a lot of your hours working for the next 3 years, 10 years, or even 30 years. Trust me; you’re going to have a very rough time trying to withstand something you don’t like, especially for 30 long years. On the flip side, think about working at a company where you deeply resonate with the company’s culture. You will have higher productivity, you’ll love your environment and enjoy your time at work, and who knows – you might even smile at work!  

Ok, so how do you get to know a company’s culture? Here are a few things that you can do:


1.    Research. Check out the company’s website & social media account, for instance.

2.    Ask Around. Literally, ask around your social circle to see if anyone knows anything.

3.    Informational Interview. Get some inside information by chatting directly with someone working in the company.

4.    PREVIEW. Hey, it’s free! Give us a try if you haven’t already. We’ll help you find the perfect company fit!

Enjoying your 9 to 5 starts with finding the right fit.



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