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Graduation - What's Next?

April 18, 2017


Hooray! After years of running out of breath trying to catch that bus around the corner and endless hours of studying, it's finally coming to an end! You will no longer need to sprint 20km/hr across campus get to your next class. Forget about the nerve wrecking moment every time your professors release your grades. It's all over now. You can relax, sit down, and enjoy your cup of coffee leisurely while watching your favourite TV show.


But then what? What comes next?


This is a very crucial question that you must answer for yourself. But don't worry, we are here to help. 

The next step after graduation differs significantly for everyone. You could be going to grad school to continue your studies. You could be travelling around the world to explore new cultures. It doesn't matter what other people are planning - what you want to do is completely up to you. However, we do have a suggestion that may help you plan out your next move.


The next five years is the GOLDEN TIME of your life. 

The next five years is the GOLDEN TIME of your life. 

The next five years is the GOLDEN TIME of your life. 


It's not a typo; we are repeating it three times because we want you to really think about what this means. Take a minute to let that sink in. (This should not be confused with your Golden Years! You are definitely NOT retiring any time soon.)

Here’s something that many fresh grads don’t realize. As a fresh grad, your boundaries are limitless. You have the drive and the energy to accomplish anything you want to. You can pull an all-nighter today and still make it to that gym session at 6 am tomorrow. You can endure endless criticisms, failures, rejections, and still manage to persist and continue chasing after your passion. You have the mental capacity to learn anything you want to in a fairly short time. You have the courage to try new things and really step out of your comfort zone. You are not worn out by 20 years of the daily 9 to 5 grind. You are a blank piece of canvas; you don’t have a reputation to hold. You don’t have many worries and responsibilities to take care of just yet. Most importantly – you are young and you have time.


The next five years should be a time for you to explore and do the things that you truly want to do, instead of settling for what other people tell you to do. It’s a time for yourself to go on an adventure; it’s a time for yourself to make your dreams come true. Always dreamed of being a singer? This is the time for you to go form a band. Wanted to open your own restaurant? Now is the time to spice up your life. It’s your life, your decision – and this is the perfect time to be bold, be strong, and be yourself.  


That stable government job your parents keep telling you about? Worry about that after your golden time. You are young and powerful, you don’t need to settle down just yet. Remember: money cannot buy you youth or time. Once it passes, it’s gone. Make the best out of it before it’s gone.


Learn more: watch WHAT TO DO AFTER COLLEGE by Gary Vaynerchuck https://youtu.be/RBXZlYdiizk

Let yourself run free. Live it.



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