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Workplace Do's & Don'ts

May 2, 2017


Assuming that you have successfully landed a job, we would like to remind you of a little something that you may have already forgotten: out of all the other potential candidates available for the position, the company decided to pick you. They could have picked someone else easily, but they chose to invest in you as an employee, in hopes that you will be able to support and help bring the company to the next level. It’s a conscious choice, not a random selection.


To be successful in your role, you as an employee will have to demonstrate that you are in fact the right choice. Here are some basic workplace do’s and don’ts to help you to be successful in your workplace:


  • Communicate with others. Communication goes both ways. You have to be open to communicate with them so they could get to you. Check in with your supervisor and talk with your colleagues. The best results are often products of exceptional teamwork, which requires clear communication between everybody in the same work space.

  • Work hard. Show your dedication and how much you care about your work. Believe it or not, people will notice your effort even if you don’t say anything about it. Be proactive.

  • Encourage each other. A positive encouragement could make a huge difference. It could strengthen teamwork, improve the productivity of others, and make someone’s day better. Be the person that brings positivity to the workplace.

  • Show appreciation. When people help you out with your work, thank them. Let them know that you appreciated their support. Remember: nobody is obligated to help you with anything, unless otherwise mandated.

  • Actively Listen. Learn to listen to what others are really saying, instead of letting the words fly by you. Keep an open mind and listen to feedback and criticism. You will never improve much by blocking out everyone else.


  • Consistently show up late. Aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to schedule if possible. Generally speaking, it’s totally ok to arrive at 9:03 if your schedule starts at 9:00. If you overslept once or twice, that’s fine. Unforeseeable things happen and employers understand that.  However, it is certainly not ok to arrive at 9:30 AM every day.  

  • Slack off. Wondering why you still didn’t get that promotion yet? Trust me, employers know when you go on those “extended breaks” during work hours. You may finish a project a few days early before the deadline, but don’t just sit there pretending you are still working on it.

  • Dump your emotions on others. Stressed out? Read our tips on stress management!

  • Disrespect others. Your attitude matters. If you don't show respect towards other people sharing the same space, companies don’t want to keep you around. How can you respect your customers if you don’t even respect your co-workers?

  • Assume. Don’t simply assume something is the way it is. Always clarify if you are unsure about any rules, etiquette, work questions, etc.

  • Dress inappropriately. Don’t go to work in your pajamas unless specified to do so. When you don’t follow the dress code, it shows that you don’t really care about your job. Plus, dressing the part, that is dressing for success, makes a tremendous difference in how you and your performance will be perceived.

Treat others as you want to be treated.



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