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Job Search Don'ts

May 3, 2017


Hmm… this seems like an interesting job. Let's give it a try! Oh wait, it says here that the job requires the ability to analyze results and identify potential solutions to provide insights for more efficient delivery of business operations. I can’t do that! Ok, this job is not for me. On to the next posting… Pause it here. This is a classic case of chickening out, yes this is a technical term and no, you should not disregard potential job opportunities because you don't meet a few of the qualifications. What are some other things that you should avoid in your job search?

Here are some things that you should NOT do when it comes to job search:


1.    Don’t Chicken Out, You Are Not a Chicken

When you see a job with tons of qualifications attached, don’t be intimidated. Don’t back down or skip a job opportunity that you are interested in simply because you are scared or you presume that you don’t qualify. Fact: You will NEVER get the job if you don’t apply to it. Be confident in your ability to learn the skills you need to perform. 


2.    Don’t Try to Run Before You Can Stand

It’s awesome to dream big and shoot for the moon, but you must work your way up one step at a time. Do an internal self reflection on the skills you have. Try to identify what you are capable of doing and understand where you are in terms of your long-term career goals. The key here is to be real with yourself. If your goal is to be a financial advisor at a bank and you have no previous experience, obviously it’s not going to happen. Look a few levels down from that dream position. For example, start by getting your foot in the door with a bank teller job to build your experience.


3.    Don’t Be a Mailman

While it is very tempting to mass apply to hundreds of jobs, it’s not going to be an efficient use of your time. Spend time forming connections and relationships with professionals in the industry to grasp a clearer picture of what their job entails, and use that knowledge to prepare a better application. Spend time reviewing your applications for each job before submitting and make necessary customizations to each application. Guaranteed you'll be better off if you tailor your applications and applying to just a dozen or so jobs rather than applying to hundreds of jobs with the same generic application that sounds like the other 200 applications the company received.


4.    Exaggerate But Don't Embellish

Everyone exaggerates on their applications in order to make their profiles look more attractive as a candidate. But one word of advice is not to embellish by adding details that aren't true. Submitting a profile that doesn’t live up to who you are is likely to be discovered sooner or later . Don’t pretend you have 3 years of sales experience when you only have 3 months of it. When employers meet you at an interview and find out that you are not who your application presents you to be, they are going to be super disappointed. Dishonesty and insincerity is a major deal-breaker. 



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