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Keys to an Efficient Job Search

May 13, 2017


To many people, the whole job search process is both intimidating and tedious at the same time. You can sit there for hours pouring over hundreds of postings one by one but this method is exhausting and not the most efficient use of your time as it can be completely ineffective depending on your luck. Inevitably, you end up spending a lot of time and energy with little to no results to show for.


The problem: Searching for a job without outlining specific criteria for what you want. When you do a job search with no filters, you are guaranteed to have a difficult time finding "the job". It’s like looking for a needle in the vast oceans of the world - it’s way too broad. The purpose of having a good job searching strategy is to minimize and narrow down your search. With the right strategy, you could save time, energy, and find the right job, not just any job, for you.

Before you even begin your search and definitely before you start sending out résumés, take some time to think about which industries you would like to work in. Make sure you then note them down. Let’s say you are looking for a marketing position. Almost every industry hires for marketing positions. You could be applying to a marketing role at a company that produces furniture or a tech company that specializes in clean energy. The key thing to remember here is that the position that you are aiming for often exists in several different industries, but every industry is different. . If you don't know how the same role might be different across industries, talk to people that work in those different industries. Even if they aren't specifically working in marketing, they'll be able to tell you, for example, if working overtime is common in the industry or if the dress code tend to be formal and all employees suit up for the office. These details will help narrow your search significantly.


Start your search by focusing on the companies that you are interested in within your preferred industries. Are you interested in working in a large-scale company that has already established themselves as a key player in the sector? Or maybe you would like to join a new smaller company to help them grow and compete in their space. What kind of work environment are you envisioning? What is the ideal Company Culture that matches your personality and lifestyle? After you have compiled a list of companies, you are ready to move on to the next step.


Go through each company and check for job opportunities. Checking a company’s website for openings is a good starting point, but don't just end it there and move on to the next company just because you there weren't any openings. Instead, try to connect with people who work in the company and communicate your ambition and desire to work with them. Fact: More than 60% of the jobs are NEVER advertised. For more information on how to look for opportunities beyond what's posted, check out Fantastic Jobs and Where To Find Them.



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