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Top Need-To-Know Marketing Solutions

May 30, 2017


Interested in pursuing a career in the field of marketing? While there are many different kinds of marketing positions out there, there's one commonality among them all: the understanding and ability to use marketing software is absolutely essential to success in your marketing role. Being familiar with these solutions also adds to your advantage and could dramatically boost your chance of getting hired compared to another candidate that would requiring more training. Here’s a list of the most popular marketing platforms that you should look into to start with.

Digital Advertising


Google AdWords: Want your ad to show up in your customer's Google search results? This official platform by Google can help you tap into the most prolific search engine to promote your company, products, or services.


Facebook Ads: Research shows that there are 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook (as of the 4th quarter of 2016). As a marketer, you should definitely know how to utilize Facebook to advertise your business.

Email Marketing


MailChimp: Perhaps the biggest and most popular email platform used by businesses everywhere.


Marketo: B2C focused and widely used by bigger companies. It is quite expensive, but you can certainly learn the basics by doing some research without spending the money.


Eloqua: Similar to Marketo, Eloqua focus on B2C and is mainly used by bigger companies.  

Social Media Management


HootSuite: This platform allows users to manage all their social media channels in one place. You should definitely check this out if you are planning to do something related to social media.


Buffer: Another popular social media management platform.

Business Analytics


Google Analytics: The go-to for marketing analytics. If you don’t know how to use this just yet, we strongly recommend you to learn. If you know you want to be a digital marketing specialists, we strongly recommend you complete the certification course!


Other: Mixpanel, KISSmetrics, Moz

Market Research


Survey Monkey: A free and very easy to use platform that will take you less than half an hour to learn. Check it out.


Other: Typeform, Google Forms

Graphics Design


Photoshop: The supreme graphics design software that allows you to design anything that you can think of. However, it’s quite complicated and can take some time to learn.


Canva: Hands-on graphic design software that you can use to draft up stunning images easily.


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