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One Simple Routine to Stay Ahead

June 8, 2017


Many of us have developed the habit of checking our social media and scrolling through our friends’ updates first thing in the morning - even before we're fully awake and up and out of bed. Some of us choose to do the same while we are enjoying our daily cup of coffee and eating breakfast. What if, instead of squandering our mornings checking out what our friends are drinking or eating or thinking, we try to spend half an hour to learn something or catch up on information relevant to our field of work (or study). I'm not talking about memorizing or studying the a piece of content or class material. Simply read/watch/listen to some interesting and current information so that it's in the back of your mind when the topic comes up. Aside from acquiring new knowledge, this will also allow you to stimulate your brain as you wake up and prepare for the day ahead.

Similarly, before you go to bed, you could take another 15 to 20 minutes to review some of the topics you learned about in the morning. A short review will freshen your memory and help you get a better grasp of the information for a deeper understanding. Since it’s been sitting in the back of your head all day, you should be able to go through it fairly quickly. 

Don’t underestimate what a simple routine like this can do for you. If you make this a habit, you will be surprised at how effectively and effortlessly you can acquire and absorb knowledge just by spending a little bit of time every day. And don’t worry about missing out on what your friends are up to. Noteworthy news will always find a way of getting to you, with or without social media. 


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