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3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Productivity

October 3, 2017


Everyone experiences a slow day once in a while –  your brain can't seem to focus on the task at hand and you just don’t have the energy or stamina to be productive. This is commonly a result of a rigorous work routine that repeats itself day after day. Sometimes all you need is a little spark. Here are a few easy things you can do (right now!) to boost your productivity!   

Get up, get moving. Do some stretches, jump around, play some table tennis. Your mental state is linked directly to your physical well being? Studies have shown that exercise can help boost productivity by stimulating sharper concentration, enhanced creativity, and faster learning. It can also reduce stress and elevate your mood! We’re not talking about 2 hours of intense hiking with steep slopes and uneven surfaces; something as simple as jogging for 10 minutes to grab your lunch is enough to get the blood flowing through your brain again!


Change the scenery. Choosing where you work (if you have that flexibility) could be the key to a productive day as your environment can have a huge impact on your mood and concentration. For example, some people feel gloomy or a lack of motivation while looking out the window at a dreary day. In this case, perhaps moving to a more lively place with more vibrant and colourful décor would inspire more productivity. A place with dim lighting might decrease your energy level and make you sleepy and lethargic, while an extremely noisy or active workspace could be distracting and cause you to lose focus. Different people work best in different environments. Changing up your work location from time to time keeps things fresh and helps you stay alert and focused. Having a slow day? Try working in a café, the foyer of your office, or even outside (some city parks offer wifi now!). 


Turn off your phone. Over the years, your phone has evolved into the almighty tool in your pocket that can accomplish virtually anything. The convenience your phone brings is irreplaceable and truly amazing. The huge downside, however, is that your phone is arguably the biggest distraction that hinders your productivity (hell, it can hinder your safety - ever see the video of the guy almost walking into a bear while texting on his phone?!). With social media and instant messaging notifications, you are constantly reminded of what’s happening around you and forcing you to consume and process that information – even though it may be completely irrelevant to you. When you see the new notification pop up on your phone, more often than not curiosity gets the best of you and you end up wasting time checking it. Turning off your phone can take away that distraction so you can focus on what's important. "But I need my phone to do my work!" While this may be true for some - mobile game testers maybe Instagram marketers - let's be honest, most of us do not rely 100% of our phones for work. 



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