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Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales

June 20, 2017


What is a sales position?

A sales position is exactly what it sounds like: the job of a sales person is to promote and persuade customers to buy retail products, goods, and/or services. Generally speaking, there are two types of sales positions: inside sales and outside sales. Inside sales involve reaching customers through phone, email, and online rather than face-to-face. Outside sales is the opposite. We often think of the young woman greeting you at retail stores like Aritzia or the tech-expert explaining product specs in BestBuy, but it also includes the fearless guy knocking on your door or the suit-clad corporate salesperson that flies from coast to coast every week closing deals – these are all examples of an outside sales position.


Why is it a good entry level position?

A sales position is a great entry level job that can help build a solid foundation for your career journey. Think of it as the perfect stepping stone to achieve your next goal. It’s a good starting point that allows you to gain key transferable skills and experience that can take you a long way. A career in sales can be quite lucrative as well as salaries are based on commission and bonuses. You can earn a great salary if you work hard and perform well - that is, if you're good at selling! There are many opportunities down the road for a high performing sales person. More on this later.

What’s in it for me?

  • You get the chance to develop your customer service and communication skills through constantly interacting with potential customers.

  • You will get a taste of how to manage difficult or demanding customers.

  • You will learn how to manage your time during the busy phases of a sales cycle. 

  • You will learn to deal with pressure in a fast-paced environment and to be flexible to the changing dynamics of a deal in progress.

  • You will learn to be diligent and persistent.

  • You will enhance your attention to the tiniest details to maximize customer satisfaction.

  • You will hone your presentation, communication, and negotiation skills. These are all extremely desirable and valuable skills that you can take to almost any other job.

  • You will also gain insight into the revenue-generating activities and daily operations of how businesses function sustainably. 


What do employers think?

Sales experience is definitely an advantage that employers understand and you can leverage this experience to showcase yourself and stand out from the crowd. When an employer sees previous sales experience on a résumé, they will appreciate the qualities of a candidate that can take ownership of their work, a candidate that is self-motivated, confident, and persistent. If you have a proven track record of consistently meeting sales quota and objectives, this signals to the employer that you are driven and ambitious. A sales position can give you a big boost in your career development.


Why consider a career in sales?
A sales career can be very exciting and rewarding if you are passionate about selling. For example, there is (theoretically) no ceiling to how much money you can make. In sales, your salary is usually dependent on performance. With each successful sale, you are rewarded with commissions. If you close a lot of deals, some companies even reward you with additional perks including bonuses, vacations, and other prizes!


There is also a reasonable sense of job security, knowing that there's very little chance for you to get fired if your performance meets or exceeds expectations. Plus work schedules tend to be flexible. Are you starting to see why a career in sales is so attractive? Ah, don't forget the adrenaline rush and thrill you get when you complete a sale. The winning feeling is highly addictive. Ready to crown yourself a winner? 



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