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Q&A with our co-founder & CEO

September 26, 2017


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Who am I? Good question! My name is Jen. I’m from a small town in rural Saskatchewan. Is that what people want to hear? Nah…In a nut-shell, I’m a dog-lover, a world-traveller, an eater, and an entrepreneur. I’ve always worked in tech although I've studied almost everything under the sun. At UBC, my official major was Psychology although my transcript is littered with everything from Theatre, Math, Anatomy, Japanese to Physics, Literature, Chemistry, Neurology… the list goes on. After I graduated I took Photography and Broadcast Journalism classes at BCIT. So you see, starting PREVIEW was always in the books for me since I can empathize so strongly with students that are struggling to find the place where their passions intersect with their strengths. My interests have always been too broad. I later studied my MBA at IE Business School in Spain which helped me narrow my career focus while still allowing me to stretch and explore.

What is PREVIEW?

PREVIEW is a community of students & industry professionals that are passionate about life. We believe that in the 21st century, work and life are not necessarily meant to be balanced but meant to co-exist in harmony. One way to achieve harmony is find work that you love, that is purposeful, and that aligns with your personal values. It’s never as straight-forward as it sounds - but that’s where our industry mentors come in.


Why use PREVIEW? How does PREVIEW benefit students?

Getting advice from real-world working professionals that have already navigated the CRITICAL beginnings of their career journey is the best way to gain wisdom from experience. PREVIEW was built to connect students with a passionate community of mentors and advisors across all different industries. Whether you need advice on what courses to take that are the most relevant to the career, what skill sets to develop in order to be competitive at scoring a job in the industry, or what the corporate culture is like at a specific company, our mentors can help answer all of those burning questions.


Why did you start PREVIEW? What are you trying to achieve?

PREVIEW came about through connections and conversations (as all great ideas do). On the one hand, students told us they had no idea what jobs their degrees would set them up for. On the other hand, working professionals with those same degrees were recalling their own frustrations, fears, and anxieties of starting out as fresh grads with no connections and little insight into what career path to choose or how to even get onto a path. Ultimately, we’re trying to help connect students with mentors that have experienced those same challenges and have made (and learned from) those critical decisions. We know from our daily challenges that it only takes one conversation to provide the insight and perspective to help reframe a challenge or difficult decision.

What's next for PREVIEW?

We want to keep growing our community! The power of a community is the knowledge, inspiration, and support that can be shared through connections. The better our community can be at helping young talent find their place doing work they love, the better it is for everybody.

Any advice for the undergrads out there?

I think the most important thing for undergrads to be aware of is that university/college is a bubble. What I mean is, it’s an awesome, amazing time in your life. You’ll learn life skills you never knew you were missing. You’ll develop a sense of confidence and independence that you never had before. You’ll make life-long friends that you will literally get married, start families, and grow old alongside. But the undergrad experience is relatively isolated from reality - aka the real world. No doubt, it’s a special phase in life. A special bubble. And like all bubbles, it’s not recommended to stay enclosed in it for prolonged lengths of time. Explore outside the boundaries as early on as possible. It will only enrich and add to your undergrad experience.




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