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Key Things You Should Do After A Job Interview

July 5, 2017


You’ve worked hard polishing your job application and spent hours researching and preparing for the job interview. On the day of the interview, your efforts pay off. The goes interview smoothly, and you leave feeling confident that you’ve aced it. High five! But wait, you're not quite done yet. Here are a few more things that you can do to maximize your odds of landing the job after the interview.  

Before you leave


Ask for the employer’s contact information. The easiest way to do this is to ask for their business card. Ideally, you should get the contact information of everyone that you meet with. If you are too nervous and somehow forget to ask the employers, the reception can usually help you out.


Ask about the best way to follow up. You would want to have a name, a point of contact, and a time frame (when). This will be helpful later when you want to inquire about the progress of the hiring.

Right after you leave


Find a place and sit down. Relax a little, and maybe eat something. Get some fresh air and take a little time to clear your mind. When you feel fresh again and have calmed down from the intense atmosphere of the interview, you can proceed to the next step.


Reflect, analyze, write it all down. It is important that you do this not long after the interview to ensure that your memory is still fresh and your impressions of the company are the most accurate. Here are two big ideas that you should reflect upon:


Think about the whole interview, from the moment you entered the building to the very end when you stepped out.

  • How did you do? What did you do well? What could’ve been better?

  • How did the employer react to your responses?

  • Are you happy with your overall performance?

  • Were you able to express everything that you’d planned to say?

  • Did you feel like you’d prepared enough?

  • What are some things that you wish you would have known? What can you do differently to make your next interview even better?


Think about the company.

  • What do you feel about the company?

  • Does it seem like a place where you would enjoy working for the next couple of months? How about the next couple of years?

  • How were the people and the atmosphere?

  • Can you imagine yourself growing in the company?

  • Does the company feel like the right fit for you?

  • Is there anything the employers said during the interview that doesn’t seem to align with what you feel about the company? In other words, were there any red flags? Is there anything that you want to clarify with the employer?

Within 24 hours


Write a thank you note. This could be written on a card and delivered in person or by email. No matter how you decide to deliver it, keep in mind that every thank you note that you send out should be specifically tailored to the individual – even if you are sending one to more than one person at the same company.


This thank you note is vital as it serves a couple of purposes. Aside from using this chance to express your gratitude, you can also use it to reiterate briefly why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to add anything that you had planned to say during your interview but didn’t get a chance to. Another really great reason to send a note is that it can help you to stay top of mind with the employer. This means that when the employer is making the hiring decision, you will come to his/her mind immediately. He/she will remember receiving your note, and it may be the deciding factor that helps you stand out when it comes down to making a decision between you and another candidate!


Can this note help you increase your chance of getting hired significantly? Perhaps. However, one thing is for sure: sending a thank you note sure beats not sending one. If every other candidate happens to send one, you will definitely stand out from the crowd – but not in a good way.


Continue your job search. You may be super confident that you are going to land the job. You may have received several hints from the employer indicating that you are going to get the offer. But you should continue your job search nonetheless. You don’t officially get hired until you’ve received a job offer and agreed to the terms. Until then, nothing is set in stone. You don't want to miss another opportunity in case this one doesn't pan out.  

After a couple of days


Follow up with the employers about the hiring progress. This could be done through email, or through a direct phone call if the employer gave you permission to do so. Be patient. The hiring process can take a long time depending on the structure and scale of the company. Following up with an employer shows that you are keen about working in the company, but you want to refrain from constantly annoying them for a response. Hint: you may come across as irritating.


Connect with the employers on LinkedIn. Send them a personal message, remind them who you are and your interest in the position. Be brief and concise; a couple of lines would do. This will help you stay relevant and may even open opportunities for you in the future.