6 Tips For Résumé Formatting

September 14, 2017


1.   Don’t just double check your résumé. Get a friend to triple check it. 

Believe it or not, grammar and spelling mistakes on a résumé are a huge pet peeve for a lot of employers. One of the hiring managers that mentors on PREVIEW put it this way, "It's the very least a job candidate can do (to check spelling & grammar) before submitting a résumé". It might seem trivial to you, but when you submit a résumé with grammar and spelling mistakes, it signals three things about you:


1) You don't want the job badly enough to ensure a positive first impression. What the employer is thinking is: "Even if this was a great candidate for the job they'll probably leave to take a job they actually care about."


2) You're bad when it comes to paying attention to details. Remember, all employees are representatives of their companies. The potential employer may be thinking, "What if this candidate was publishing customer-facing content?" or, "What kind of other more critical mistakes could be impacted with such negligent behaviour?."


3) You're less conscientious, intelligent, and trustworthy. Ouch! This sounds harsh but research shows this to be true of college students (vetting potential new colleagues) who read email messages containing grammatical errors compared to without. 


2.   Spacing matters