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Do the Top 50 Global Dream Companies Hire in Vancouver?

August 9, 2017


Business Insider recently published an article about the top 50 dream companies that engineering and IT students around the world wanted to work for. Not surprisingly, Google topped the list. While it's true that many of these organizations are great places to work, how many of these multinational companies offer career opportunities in Vancouver, British Columbia? 

Job-searching is challenging at the best of times. As a new MBA graduate of a top international business school in search of a "brand-name" organization in Vancouver - it seemed that the opportunities were slim. Vancouver is known for lacking the big corporate presence of international brands and top tier consulting firms. But what about in the technology sector and companies hiring tech talent? We combed through each of the Top 50 Companies that engineers and IT students wanted to work for to see which ones offered career opportunities in our modest city.

50. Novartis - a global healthcare company based in Switzerland


All opportunities are located out East in Ontario and Quebec.



49. EY (Ernst & Young) - a professional services firm headquartered in London, UK


EY is one of the biggest multinational firms that have an office in Vancouver, and yes, there are career opportunities here. In fact, EY was ranked 29th of the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune magazine this year.



48. BP (British Petroleum) - a British multinational oil and gas company


Not surprisingly, any job with BP would be located just to the East of us in Calgary, Alberta.



47. Huawei - a Chinese multinational information and communications technology solutions provider


One advantage to being on the West Coast is that we are a competitive city when Asian companies look to bridge the Pacific with a corporate office in North America. LinkedIn is the best place to look for Vancouver-based job postings as their Corporate site may not have up-to-date opportunities.



46. BASF - a German chemical company.


At the time of this publication, the majority of Canadian job openings appeared to be in the Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba)



45. Heineken - a Dutch brewing company


Heineken's North American operations are entirely in the United States. For those that are open to relocating, they do have a highly regarded International Graduate Programme. 



44. Bosch - a German multinational engineering and electronics company


Bosch's Canadian partner company is called Bosch Rexroth. While they do not officially have an office located in Vancouver, they do recruit for some field roles in Corporate Sales, Engineering, and Operations. They also hire engineering co-ops!



43. Unilever - a Dutch-British consumer goods company


If you're interested to work for this multinational company, you'll have to make a move out east. They do recruit graduates at Vancouver universities for their Future Leaders Program.



42. Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise - is an information technology company based in California


The Canadian headquarters are located in Mississauga, Ontario. At the time of this publication, there are nearly 250,000 jobs posted on LinkedIn - a handful of which are listed for Burnaby, British Columbia.



41. Accenture - a global management consulting and professional services company


Accenture is one of the few management consulting companies that does have an office in downtown Vancouver and currently serves 94 of the Fortune Global 100 companies in the world!

40. Nissan - a Japanese automobile manufacturing company


Nissan Canada is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario with some customer support management roles in Richmond, British Columbia.



39. PepsiCo - an American food, snack, and beverage corporation


Those interested in a career in Sales or Supply Chain – rejoice and check out current opportunities at PepsiCo.



38. Adidas - the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world


Sportswear enthusiasts interested in a corporate job with this athletic apparel giant will (unfortunately) have to look towards Woodbridge Ontario.



37. 3M - an American multinational conglomerate based in Minnesota


The majority of opportunities at 3M are located in London, Ontario.



36. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - a global management consulting firm


Luckily, if you aspire to work at BCG, you won't need to go far. But you will need to go out of Vancouver! The closest office in Canada is located in Calgary, Alberta, or you can go south of the border to Seattle. 



35. Deloitte - a private UK-incorporated professional services firm


Opportunities do exist in Vancouver – Deloitte's Vancouver office is right downtown on Dunsmuir Street.



34. Oracle - a multinational computer technology corporation


There are definitely opportunities for software developers/engineers in Vancouver. 



33. Lenovo - a Chinese multinational technology company


Lenovo does not have an office in Vancouver, but there are opportunities in our vast country if you're willing to relocate to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, or Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.



32. JP Morgan - a commercial and investment banking institution based in the United States

JP Morgan's Career site does not explicitly list Vancouver as a location. Although it does appear that they have an Asset Management office downtown, their development centre(s) that hire engineering students are located in other cities.