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3 Key Considerations for Working Part-Time On vs. Off-Campus

August 13, 2017


Why Work Part Time On Campus


Convenience & Flexibility

The main reason why many people choose to pick up a part-time job on campus is definitely the convenience and flexibility that it brings. Imagine the 10-minute "commute" to your job right before or after your class. How convenient is that? It sure beats spending an hour stuck in traffic! By saving time on commuting, your schedule becomes a lot more efficient and flexible in terms of shift planning and course planning. This means that you'll fully utilize your time and be less likely to get stuck with awkward breaks in between work and school.


Familiar Environment

You know the campus like the back of your hand. When you work on campus, you enjoy the security of staying in a familiar environment. There would be little to no adjustment period to your new surroundings allowing you to ramp up more quickly on your actual training and responsibilities. It's a great opportunity to develop and grow steadily in your role without too many distractions. A definite advantage.


Connect with Students

You’re working on campus. Naturally, you are going to be dealing with your fellow students as well as potentially staff and faculty. As a student yourself, you already share a similar background or experience with the people you work for and with. Assuming your customers or clients are also on campus - you'll be able to understand your customers' needs more comprehensively. You may also be able to help bridge the communication gap between your employer and your customer. In addition to all of the above, it could be a great opportunity to make new friends and expand your network within university.

Why Work Part Time Off Campus


New Environment

Working off campus means that you would be taking yourself out of a familiar environment, or your "comfort zone". Just the exposure to the new environment alone is a great learning opportunity. You would get a glimpse of what it’s like working in the “real world”, away from the familiarity of a mostly academic setting. You would be challenging yourself, learning to adapt and gaining valuable experience. The initial transition could be a little more challenging. However, the payoff is the edge you'll gain over other students when you graduate into the "real-world" which will make your transition to your first job out of school significantly easier.


Widen Your Circle

Generally speaking, most people hanging around campuses are either students or professors. Stepping away from this homogenous group will give you a chance to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds. Learning from colleagues/peers is one of the most valuable aspects about internships and working in general. You'll learn to consider things from different perspectives which helps you problem-solve better as well as widen your social circle. After all, a greater network translates into more opportunities!


Industry Connections

Feeling like you don’t have enough professional connections? Fear not! When you work off campus, you will be surprised by how people within a particular industry are so tightly connected. As long as you stay open minded and take initiative, you can start building relationships and connections while you work part-time and get ahead of the game. Imagine getting first hand industry news and insights directly from your colleagues. A great way to kick-start your future career! 



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