5 Tips For Resume Writing [Examples]

September 12, 2017


Put yourself in the employer’s shoes

Always keep in mind that employers are the ones that will be evaluating your résumé. You aren't actually the ultimate critic. Think from their perspective and craft your résumé accordingly. Focus on what the employer would like to see in an applicant. Relevance is the key word here. Instead of listing out all aspects of your previous experience, include only the things that fall within the context of the specific position that you are applying for. Yes, your previous jobs might be impressive and extend into different areas of expertise, but make sure that what you are highlighting is relevant. In other words, tell them what they want to hear (while being truthful of course).


Example: Let’s say that you are applying to a sales position at a retail clothing store. Let’s also assume that you have previous customer service experience at an electronics store. In this case, you may want to highlight how you interacted with customers by skillfully and knowledgeably helping them find and buy the products that met their needs or solved their problems, how you organized the inventory, and what you did to consistently exceed your sales quota. Omit the fact that you learned a great deal about electronics or how tech savvy a person you’ve become.

Describe Not just your duties, but also the goals and results of your actions

This is perhaps the most common mistake that people encounter with résumé writing. Remember: you are writing a resume that sums up your experienc