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Facebook to Open New Office in Downtown Vancouver

November 23, 2017

Waterfront Centre (source: Expedia.ca)


An anonymous source broke the news to the Daily Hive this week that the social media giant plans to open a new office in downtown Vancouver in 2018 with early speculations of creating 75+ new jobs.


Not long after Amazon announced the opening of their new Vancouver office, social media industry leader Facebook followed up with a similar move of their own. Sources indicate that Facebook will be opening a new office at Waterfront Centre, located at 200 Burrard Street, downtown Vancouver in 2018. Facebook’s new office will occupy two floors (fourth and fifth floor) and take up a total of 36,000 square feet.


Facebook’s current 20,000 square feet office, is located at 1555 West Pender Street in the Coal Harbour. Sources indicate that the current office will migrate to the new location when it is complete to accommodate Facebook's growing business needs. A 16,000 square foot upgrade!

The Opportunity

Facebook’s plans to expand their square footage in Vancouver will make it the biggest office in Canada. With the current 75 employees slated to fill one of the two floors in the Waterfront Centre, it stands to reason that opportunities for an additional 75+ employees will hit the job boards by the end of next year. If you’ve ever dreamed of working for a social media giant, this could be your chance and you won't have to pack your bags and head south of the border!


As a tech company, it’s no surprise that software engineers will likely be top of the hiring list. However, a global scale company like Facebook will definitely require more than software engineers to run their business. While there is no news about the kinds of positions Facebook will be recruiting for their new office just yet, here are some of the categories that Facebook hires for:

  • Administrative

  • Analytics

  • Corporate Communications and Public Policy

  • Facility and Security

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Global Marketing and Sales

  • HR and Recruiting

  • IT/Engineering & Mobile

  • Legal

  • Online Operations

  • Product Marketing


And yes, Facebook does offer internships and entry-level positions to fresh graduates. If you are interested in joining the Facebook team, make sure to follow their updates and keep an eye out for any hiring news. Prepare your résumés for 2018 with our FREE Résumé Assessment service! 


For more information: visit the Facebook Careers Page and the Facebook University Student Career Page


Read the original article on the Daily Hive.



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