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Your Part-Time Experience: Does It Mean Anything to Employers?

December 8, 2017


- Check out what students currently holding a part-time job are saying! [Video]-

Q:           I’ve worked at McDonald’s before. Not like manager or anything – just small things such as taking customer’s orders, flip some burgers, and clean the store. Is that an experience worth mentioning on my resume? Does it matter to employers when it comes to job application? Do employers see it as something that adds value to my profile? Or am I simply wasting my time?


A:            The Good News: you are definitely not wasting your time. Your part-time experience is an absolute asset and a great addition to your personal profile. But how much value it adds really depend on what you’ve learned from your experience, and most importantly, how you present what you’ve learned to employers.  

Q:           What if I didn’t learn anything? I mean, all I do is flip burgers and punch meal orders into the machine!


A:            Whatever the job is, you can always learn something valuable from it if you pay close attention. Take the example of working as a part-time McDonald’s employee. When you greet customers and take their orders, you are providing customer service. You learn to communicate effectively with customers from diverse backgrounds and ages. You also learn teamwork, since you need to cooperate with your team to complete customer orders and deliver them to your customers efficiently. You learn about operations management and optimization- meaning, the process of serving customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


Flipping burgers? Yeah, it’s nothing special. But the ability to manage your time, communicate effectively to your colleagues, flip 2 burgers, fry fries, pour 2 cups of pop while managing the payment transaction, and doing it all with a smile and genuine kindness so that the customer walks away with a warm fuzzy feeling all at once? Believe it or not, this isn’t something that can be accomplished well without practice or by just anyone. Kick it up a notch and learn the art of the upselling - now you've got sales skills that you will benefit from in any career.

Q:           Tell me more about presenting what I’ve learned to employers. What do you mean by that?


A:            Understanding what you’ve learned from your part-time experience is the first step. Providing employers with a clear idea of your takeaways and how your experience add to your profile comes next.

Employers go through countless job applications and interviews each month, and chances are that someone else will have a similar part-time experience as you. If you put yourself in the employers’ shoes, you probably don’t want to hear the same stories describing how to flip a burger over and over again. What employers really want to hear is how your part-time experience makes you a better candidate and how you can utilize what you’ve learned from your experience to excel in the position that you’re applying for.


Many of our mentors do have hiring experience. If you are still unsure about how your part-time experience is valuable, you can always ask one of our mentors!



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