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Bursting Bubbles - The World Suddenly Gets Bigger After Graduation

April 16, 2019


You’ve graduated and now you’re working a full-time job at an established company. Congratulations! You have come a long way.


Monday morning, you're standing in line at the Starbucks in your building. Out of the corner of your eye you see David from finance walking towards you. You look away. If you can count on anyone to ask you all sorts of questions you don’t have the answers to, it’s good ol’ Dave.


You have been spotted. He waves and walks over to you. He asks you about the stock market and what your thoughts are on the NAFTA trade negotiations. You like Dave. Dave is a cool guy. You’ve always wanted to be like Dave, but sometimes you find it difficult to keep up with all the current news when work has been so busy lately.

In school, professors, peers, and exams, were the driving force to learning "relevant" information and being challenged. When school is over, self-motivation and the willingness to learn are the only factors between you and becoming more aware of what is happening around the world; social, political, and economic issues. Now it's on you to develop a deeper understanding of how the world works and your part in it. What's considered "relevant" suddenly has a whole new meaning. And being "in the know" could stand between you, and your professional relationships.

Here are a few tips to get caught up on current affairs and what's been happening outside your university gates. They're so easy, you can work them into a busy 9-to-5 schedule.



Podcasts are a great way to learn--there are podcasts about everything! Podcasts range from motivational casts to debates and conversations about social issues and events happening around the world. It is an interesting way to be a part of the conversation and learn more about the world we live in.


Podcasts are also easy and accessible. It’s easy to pre-load and listen to a podcast on the transit or drive to work. Think of it as a substitute for the radio or your music playlist. Make an effort to listen to one new podcast every week. Most podcasts are free and you can do some quick research on recommended podcasts that cover topics that you are interested in.


Reading (Ebooks)

Reading-- I know, I know, there were so many readings in school, who even knows what reading for pleasure feels like? Well, studies from the University of Toronto have shown that reading not only makes you more cultured and empathetic, but increases your tolerance for uncertainty. (Now wouldn’t we all love a little tolerance for uncertainty?)


Today, books are easily accessible through ebook form, audio books, on kindles and mobile devices. Taking some time before sleep to read can make a significant difference.


News Apps

Keeping up with current events in the city and around the world is important because it helps you establish a perspective and worldview. Many news outlets have developed convenient mobile apps to read the news from and will send you notifications whenever there's breaking news. 


No more being caught off guard and looking foolish when Dave budges into your Starbucks line!




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